Animals Make Great Mothers And These Pictures Prove it


The job of being a mom is an important one for both humans and animals alike.

Take a look at these adorable pictures of animal moms being as loving, supportive, and protective as they can to their offspring.

Just as humans adopt and care for orphans some animals take care of offspring that aren’t theirs (or even the same species). It’s just that mom instinct kicking in.

Bath Time For The Little Cub

Lion Mom

The Best Kind Of Cat Nap

Cat Mom

Golden Retriever Caring For Her Adopted Kitten

Golden Retriever Mom1

Golden Retriever Mom2

The Owl Is Her Baby And No One Will Tell Her No

Greyhound Mom

This Sheep Has Twice The Love For An Animal Twice Her Size

Sheep Mom

This Little Guy Wants To Be Just Like His Mom

Bear Mom

Enfolded In The Arms Of Love

Monkey Mom

Peter Taufik /

This Gentle Giant Has Nothing But Affection For Her Calf

Elephant Mom

Just Some Quality Cuddle Time

Animal Mom

styledress /

These Baby Bunnies Are Under Her Protection Now

Lab Mom

One Reason Pit Bulls Earn The Nickname “Nanny Dog”

Pit Bull Mom

This Dog Has Become A Surrogate Mother For The Young Elk

Canine Mom

Inje Municipal Government / EPA

Mom To The Rescue

Elephant Mom2

Marina Cano / Solent News via Rex USA

This Kitten Has No Problem Giving the Love Right Back to Mom

Cat Mom