The Beatles Had Certain Stipulations for Their Concerts. Number Five is Extremely Heartwarming.


When musicians go on tour there are certain requests they have that each concert venue must supply if they are to play there. Ever since Van Halen made the request that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the candy bowl in their dressing room musicians of all genres have been making increasingly ridiculous demands in their concert contracts (known as “riders”).

Mary J. Blige insisted a new toilet seat be installed in all her dressing room bathrooms. Jennifer Lopez once required an enormous trailer that was completely furnished in all white. Kenya West kept it classy with demands for imported and recut Versace towels to wipe his face.

The various requests range from insane to downright trite and frivolous. But thankful there are examples of artists whose requests were less disheartening. Check out this snapshot of a contract from their 1965 American tour, especially request #5.

Beatles American Contract

It’s heartwarming to see that there are some musical artists who place a higher importance things that really matter than making money! Take action for what you believe in and let it show in your work and your personal life.