Best Drummer on the Streets. You Have to Watch This Till the End!

This young guy has a lot of talent! Street performers often offer the most interesting kind of performances because they have to get really creative to stand out (and make a living wage). What’s extra cool about this guy is that he’s only playing on buckets. He definitely deserves every bit of change people are tossing in the non-musical bucket.


13 Provocative Satirical Illustrations. These Really Made Me Think.

Pawel Kuczynski graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with a specialization in graphics. Since 2004 he has devoted his work mostly to satirical illustrations and has won numerous awards. His topics range from politics to pop culture to life in general. The pictures may be simplistic in style but they are deep and powerful in tone. It is incredible how something so simple can speak so many words and convey so many emotions.

Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski2

Pawel Kuczynski3

Pawel Kuczynski4

Pawel Kuczynski5

Pawel Kuczynski6

Pawel Kuczynski7

Pawel Kuczynski8

Pawel Kuczynski9

Pawel Kuczynski10

Pawel Kuczynski11

Pawel Kuczynski12

Pawel Kuczynski13


These Four Young Guys Could Not Make Juggling Look Any Cooler

Four friends Sean Carney, Brenden Ying, Ben Hestness, and Stefan Brancel are juggling masters – and they’re only in their early twenties! Take some time to watch this video and reevaluate your hobbies. Juggling might not be a serious sport, but no one can deny this is pretty cool. Use this as a reminder to stick with your hobbies. Also know that if you work hard on those hobbies they could even turn into a full time job, and it’s important to love what you do!


The Beatles Had Certain Stipulations for Their Concerts. Number Five is Extremely Heartwarming.

When musicians go on tour there are certain requests they have that each concert venue must supply if they are to play there. Ever since Van Halen made the request that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the candy bowl in their dressing room musicians of all genres have been making increasingly ridiculous demands in their concert contracts (known as “riders”).

Mary J. Blige insisted a new toilet seat be installed in all her dressing room bathrooms. Jennifer Lopez once required an enormous trailer that was completely furnished in all white. Kenya West kept it classy with demands for imported and recut Versace towels to wipe his face.

The various requests range from insane to downright trite and frivolous. But thankful there are examples of artists whose requests were less disheartening. Check out this snapshot of a contract from their 1965 American tour, especially request #5.

Beatles American Contract

It’s heartwarming to see that there are some musical artists who place a higher importance things that really matter than making money! Take action for what you believe in and let it show in your work and your personal life.


Doing Unto Others

This short humorous film is a good reminder to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Our own personal failings (greed, envy, desire, etc) often hurt us just as much as the pain they inflict on others. If no one wins what’s the point? We should be happy to make others happy. Don’t give in to your selfish thoughts!


Finding Opportunity In Difficulty

Finding Opportunity In Difficulty

Some people may look at this picture and see it as a miserable climb through snow and unforgiving cold. Others will look at it and see something to overcome. The difficulty of the snowy mountain becomes an opportunity for personal achievement and boasting rights.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison

There are many opportunities in your life that you may miss out on because they seemed like too much work. But even the most troublesome tasks or issues are an opportunity for something better. All you have to do try. Don’t shy away. Rather seize the opportunities as they come, no matter how challenging or demanding they seem!


Avoiding the Beaten Path

Avoiding the Beaten Path

The easiest way to walk through the forest may be to follow the already-laid trail, but is that the most satisfying? For me it is often more fun and exciting to step off the trail and explore the woods in my own way. Besides a sense of adventure this provides access to areas that the majority of people don’t know and may never see.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In your own life are you just doing what everyone else does or are you striving to do more than the norm. I urge you to be different, to be extraordinary. Listen to the advice and counsel of others but don’t be afraid to leave the main road. Life should be about forging your own path!

“Towering genius disdains a beaten path. It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.” – Abraham Lincoln


How to Be Whatever You Want to Be

How to Be Whatever You Want to Be

“You may be whatever you resolve to be. Determine to be something in the world and you will be something. ‘I cannot,’ never accomplished anything; ‘I will try,’ has wrought wonders.” – J. Hawes

A new year is often a time for new resolutions. But what about the ones you didn’t complete from last year? A new year, a new day, a new situation – it doesn’t matter. There isn’t certain time for achieving your dreams, that time should be now! Take your resolutions and meet them no matter what. Become who you want to be right now. Don’t worry about failure because a “can do” attitude will turn your stumbling blocks into stairs to success.


Bulls Eye on the Front Burner

Bulls Eye on the Front Burner

I know I often have trouble staying focused; my personal goals, the task at hand, and my spiritual life are some of the things that are constantly revolving with worry, stress, and distractions for first place. But it is very important to keep a laser-straight focus on the bulls eye of whatever it is you want to accomplish. Keep your eye on the prize, as they say. Distractions are just a waste of time. What goals are you aiming at the bulls eye for in 2014? Pass it on!


Want More Than Fear

Want More Than Fear

It takes a fair amount of courage to do what the guy in this picture is doing. Even with ropes and a harness there is always the chance that an accident will happen, and at his height that would be deadly. But the only way he is going to reach the top of that mountain is with courage.

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” – Bill Cosby

Courage is almost always a prerequisite for success. The greater the goal the greater the fear of failure. But the only way to achievement comes from letting go of that fear. Let your passion drive you to greater heights in your work and your personal life!