Incredible Act Caught by Camera: Boy Risks Life to Save Drowning Baby Deer


Check out these pictures of a dangerous rescue that had a heartwarming ending. A young fawn had become separated from its family during a period of heavy rain and flash floods in Noakhali, Bangladesh. The young fawn soon found itself trapped in one of the flooded rivers and in danger of drowning.

Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer

That’s when a young local boy named Belal risked his own life to jump into the river and save the fawn’s life.
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer2
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer3

Where the river was the deepest Belal actually had to submerge his entire body except for his arms, which held the animal safely above the current.
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer4
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer5
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer6

Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab just happened to be there to capture the entire scene with his camera. The young boy wasn’t doing it for a reward and wasn’t doing it for the audience (only about seven people witnessed the act). He did it out of courage and compassion.
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer7

Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer8

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When is the last time you’ve done something for someone purely out of the kindness of your heart?