13 Provocative Satirical Illustrations. These Really Made Me Think.

Pawel Kuczynski graduated from the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan with a specialization in graphics. Since 2004 he has devoted his work mostly to satirical illustrations and has won numerous awards. His topics range from politics to pop culture to life in general. The pictures may be simplistic in style but they are deep and powerful in tone. It is incredible how something so simple can speak so many words and convey so many emotions.

Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski2

Pawel Kuczynski3

Pawel Kuczynski4

Pawel Kuczynski5

Pawel Kuczynski6

Pawel Kuczynski7

Pawel Kuczynski8

Pawel Kuczynski9

Pawel Kuczynski10

Pawel Kuczynski11

Pawel Kuczynski12

Pawel Kuczynski13


These Adults Recreated Their Childhood Photos and the Results are Hilarious

Parents love taking photographs of their children, and there’s a good chance you have suffered through some embarrassment when childhood photos were leaked to romantic interests or at family gatherings.

Take a look at this gallery of images where adults decided to embrace the nostalgia and recreate photos from their childhood. The results are both hilarious and touching. And if you need a new hobby try following in their footsteps and recreating some of the awkward and cute pictures from your own past.

These are from the Luxton Brothers, who have been hilariously recreating their pictures on a tumblr account.
Luxton Brothers

Luxton Brothers2

Luxton Brothers3

These are from the “Back to the Future” and “Back to the Future 2″ projects by photographer Irina Werning.










These are from the “Young Me, Now Me” project on where users can submit their own recreations.








These Four Young Guys Could Not Make Juggling Look Any Cooler

Four friends Sean Carney, Brenden Ying, Ben Hestness, and Stefan Brancel are juggling masters – and they’re only in their early twenties! Take some time to watch this video and reevaluate your hobbies. Juggling might not be a serious sport, but no one can deny this is pretty cool. Use this as a reminder to stick with your hobbies. Also know that if you work hard on those hobbies they could even turn into a full time job, and it’s important to love what you do!


20 Incredible Places that Actually Exist. I Can’t Believe These Are Real!

Sure you saw some cool things on your honeymoon to Cancun, your missions trip to Guatemala, or your family vacation to Disney World. But have you seen anything like these places? You could spend years just traveling the globe and still not have visited all of the incredible sights this planet has to offer.

Let this be an encouragement to start exploring the world (at least online if not in person) and discover similarly unbelievable places yourself!

Red Beach, Panjin, China

Red Beach

MJiA /

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China



The Cave of Crystals, Naica Mine, Mexico

Cave of Crystals

Lapland, Finland


Risto0 / Shutterstock


The Stone Forest, Madagascar

Stone Forest1

Stephen Alvarez /

Stone Forest3
Stone Forest2
Check out the lemurs!

Tulip Flower Fields, Netherlands

Tulip Fields

Allard Schager /

Canola Flower Fields, Luopong, China

Flower Fields

+Lanzi /

Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier

Ockert Le Roux /

The solid pink bubble gun color is believed to be the result of algae in the lake.

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba

SPL / Barcroft Media

Lake Retba2
Yep, same crazy algae.

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Seaside Park

nipomen2 /

Deadvlei, Namibia

Camel Thorn Trees

Frans Lanting /

Looks fake but there is actually a sunlit towering dune behind the trees.
Camel Thorn Trees2

Marsel van Oosten /

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni2

Carlos_Díaz /

Salar de Uyuni3

Alice Lee /

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Mount Roraima

NatGeo* /

Hang Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Hang Son Doong

Carsten Peter /

Hang Son Doong2

myilmazarslan /

The Wave, Arizona

The Wave

The Wave2

Nanouk el Gamal Wijchers / My Shot

Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park

Grand Prismatic Spring

Christopher Zimmer / My Shot

Grand Prismatic Spring2

Jim Wark /

Rådhuset Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden

rådhuset metro station

Alexander Dragunov /

rådhuset metro station2

Torsten Muehlbacher /

And here it is with some sweet dramatic lighting.

Crystal Caves, Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Crystal Cave

Iurie Belegurschi / Caters News

Crystal Cave2

Thor’s Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Thor's Well

Majeed Badizadegan /

Thor's Well2

Yep, that’s a hole in the ocean.

Green Fly Geyser, Nevada

Green Fly Geyser

Green Fly Geyser2


Why is This Dog in Church? When I Found Out I Almost Cried.


Tommy at Santa Maria Assunta Church (Nikonarte Fotografia/Daily Mail)

A dog sitting in church might seem strange, but not to the residents of the small town San Donaci in Italy. An elderly German Shepard by the name of Tommy goes to Mass at a local church almost every day. He sits patiently by the altar and the priest, Father Donato Panna, says he has never made a sound when he’s there.

So why does Tommy come to church religiously day after day? It’s because it is the last place he saw his owner alive.


Nikonarte Fotografia/Daily Mail

Maria Margherita Lochi adopted the dog when she found him abandoned in the field near her home. She would bring him with her every day to church Father Donato would allow him to sit at her feet during the service.


Nikonarte Fotografia/Daily Mail

Maria passed away recently and her funeral service (which the dog also attended) was held at the church. Ever since then Tommy has been coming to church. He sits in quiet mourning in his same spot before the altar, waiting for his master to arrive. He is there at every Mass.


Nikonarte Fotografia/Daily Mail

It is heartbreaking to see Tommy’s show of silent loyalty and love. Dogs are incredibly devoted animals who share deep and unbreakable bonds with their loving owners. Have you loved on your pet today?


The Beatles Had Certain Stipulations for Their Concerts. Number Five is Extremely Heartwarming.

When musicians go on tour there are certain requests they have that each concert venue must supply if they are to play there. Ever since Van Halen made the request that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the candy bowl in their dressing room musicians of all genres have been making increasingly ridiculous demands in their concert contracts (known as “riders”).

Mary J. Blige insisted a new toilet seat be installed in all her dressing room bathrooms. Jennifer Lopez once required an enormous trailer that was completely furnished in all white. Kenya West kept it classy with demands for imported and recut Versace towels to wipe his face.

The various requests range from insane to downright trite and frivolous. But thankful there are examples of artists whose requests were less disheartening. Check out this snapshot of a contract from their 1965 American tour, especially request #5.

Beatles American Contract

It’s heartwarming to see that there are some musical artists who place a higher importance things that really matter than making money! Take action for what you believe in and let it show in your work and your personal life.


Doing Unto Others

This short humorous film is a good reminder to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Our own personal failings (greed, envy, desire, etc) often hurt us just as much as the pain they inflict on others. If no one wins what’s the point? We should be happy to make others happy. Don’t give in to your selfish thoughts!


Beep Baseball for the Blind

Your disability doesn’t have to define you. But then again, it may define you in a way that makes you a shining example and inspiration to others. Common sense would say that losing your sight means you cannot play baseball. However, through the invention of a modified version called “Beep Ball” these blind men are able to play. Their disability, their blindness, is actually what makes playing the sport (and winning it) possible. So don’t let your supposed faults bring you down. Instead learn to embrace your disability!


The Irrationality of Superstition

The Irrationality of Superstition

Many people have superstitions about a wide variety of things. It could be something related to Game Day or it could be something more sinister in nature. But what all superstitions have in common is that they are the response to an irrational fear of something (losing, bad luck, death, sickness, etc). Regardless of what you believe I think we can all agree that fear, especially irrational fear, is unhealthy and unwanted. Instead work on overcoming your fears and losing your superstitions!

“A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” – Groucho Marx


This Aunt Makes Miniature Dollhouses for Fun. The Results are Incredible.

This woman is truly gifted in her hobby. These miniature dollhouses look like they belong on a movie set instead of a little girl’s playroom. The attention to detail is amazing. It’s a great example of someone who has honed in and perfected their talents! What incredible things can you create with just your hands?

Mini Dollhouse

Mini Dollhouse2

Mini Dollhouse3

Mini Dollhouse4

Mini Dollhouse5

Mini Dollhouse6