Incredible Act Caught by Camera: Boy Risks Life to Save Drowning Baby Deer

Check out these pictures of a dangerous rescue that had a heartwarming ending. A young fawn had become separated from its family during a period of heavy rain and flash floods in Noakhali, Bangladesh. The young fawn soon found itself trapped in one of the flooded rivers and in danger of drowning.

Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer

That’s when a young local boy named Belal risked his own life to jump into the river and save the fawn’s life.
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer2
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer3

Where the river was the deepest Belal actually had to submerge his entire body except for his arms, which held the animal safely above the current.
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer4
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer5
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer6

Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab just happened to be there to capture the entire scene with his camera. The young boy wasn’t doing it for a reward and wasn’t doing it for the audience (only about seven people witnessed the act). He did it out of courage and compassion.
Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer7

Boy Saves Drowning Baby Deer8

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When is the last time you’ve done something for someone purely out of the kindness of your heart?


Putting an End to Acid Violence

This clip is the trailer for the documentary “Saving Face,” which was developed in part by Acid Survivors Trust International. Real hero ASTI is an organization whose goal is to end acid violence completely and to help the survivors of this violence. I had never heard of this organization before nor had I realized the prevalence of acid violence around the world, and this trailer gives great insight into the issue. One way to help these courageous survivors is by spreading awareness of the problem. Pass it on!


Samurai Mormon Justice

Many people sleep with a weapon in their bedroom for protection, whether it be a gun or a baseball bat. For real hero Kent Hendrix the weapon of choice is a samurai sword. A fourth-degree black belt in martial arts, and also a Mormon bishop, Hendrix has trained with the sword for years and never had to use it until one morning when a female neighbor was being attacked outside. Hendrix is a good example of having courage to help those in need, even those in danger. Courage is an important value to have…that and a samurai sword!


The Courage of Creativity

This video is a look at the artists who commit to using their talents in hospital settings and also to the movement of bringing art and creativity into the healthcare environment. What inspires you and your artistic skills? For the painters and musicians here it is being able to bring bits of joy and happiness to the sick and disabled. It is also being able to help patients spark their own creative interests and to follow these impulses, giving them an easy escape from the pain and despair of their situation. This video is a motivating look at one way art and creativity can be used to help other people!


Stopping Fights With a Bag of Chips

Watch how this guy stops a fight that broke out on a subway train by calming eating a bag of chips! Sometimes struggling to stop a problem only escalates it. Peaceful intervention is certainly another way to go. This is a great example of how someone can “chip” in and help, even when it’s not their fight!


Bringing Education to Kenya

Kakenya Ntaiya is a real hero who is changing tradition and empowering the girls of her birthplace Enoosaen, Kenya. She is working hard to bring education to land where only 11% of the girls finish primary school. She is also working to end the cultural practice of female genital mutilation, something which has greatly hindered Kenyan girls from following their passions.

Kakenya is a great example of someone following their dream despite all obstacles in their path. She also has strong roots in serving her community. She went to school in the United States and could have lived a life of relative comfort and ease, but instead she chose to return to her poor village in Kenya so that other girls may have the chance to see their dreams come true as well.


Have Knowledge, Will Travel

Estella Pyfrom is a real hero who used her retirement to buy a bus, filled it with computers, and who now travels around providing computer education. Estella realized that many children in poor families do not have a computer at home and do not have transportation to where computers are, and she understood that this placed them in a serious predicament. Technology is rapidly advancing, and those who do not have at least a basic understanding are going to get left behind.

Estella is a great role model of someone who was willing to give all they had for a greater good. She sacrificed her time and her money to help other people. She and her team provide free computer services for both kids and adults. Her bus is a place people can come to learn about computers, to work on their homework, to receive tutoring, or to study for their GED. What a great example of serving the needy in the community!


Taking Out the Trash

Chad Pregracke is a real hero whose mission is to clean up the waterways of the United States, with a large concentration on the Mississippi River. Growing up on the Mississippi River Chad noticed there was a huge problem with garbage and pollution. So he simply made it his life’s goal to clean it up. Now his personal goal has turned into a nationwide effort as thousands of people in twenty-two states have worked together to clean up their own rivers.

Not only is Chad making the river cleaner for the 18 million people who use it as a source of drinking water, but he is also fostering a movement in local communities as well. This is a great story about just a regular guy who saw a problem and decided that something needed to be done. He didn’t complain or turn to others for help, but he took to the task himself. As he led by example others followed and now it has grown to the large nonprofit campaign that it is. What problems in your community have you noticed? Will you do something about it?


Keeping Kids Off of Deadly Streets

Tawanda Jones is a real hero whose dance team and drum line teaches kids discipline and helps them stay out of trouble in Camden, New Jersey. Camden is one of the most violent cities in the United States, and with 42% of its population below the poverty line it is also one of the poorest. Tawanda has a heart for the children because they need protection, because life won’t get better if nothing changes, and because they are the future of the city.

Not only does her drill team teach the kids self respect and dedication, but Tawanda also plays an important role in their education (another area where Camden is sorely lacking). Though the graduation rate from high school is only 49%, the graduation rate from the drill team is an astonishing 100%. Mrs. Jones is a great role model and a reminder that anyone can be a mother, father, or friend to a child in need!


Faith Sustains One-Armed Surfer

When a shark took surfer Bethany Hamilton’s arm, many people thought she would never be on a board again. But Bethany’s dream was to ride the waves as a professional surfer and she wasn’t going to let anything, not even the loss of her arm, keep her from returning to the water.

This video is a neat look into Bethany’s life post-attack. Instead of running from her fears she decided to trust in God and His protection over her. It is a powerful story of courage, and it also shows that faith and hope can triumph over all obstacles.